Welcome to Loco Dawn

A Monroe Mann Company

Quick Summary

  • We are a simple New York LLC that attempts to make films. That's about it!
  • We have had some successes, and hope to have some more in the future.
  • Contact us via monroemannlaw.com

Recent News

  • Loco Dawn is proud to have successfully produced and sold the comedy horror film You Can't Kill Stephen King at Cannes and via AFM (as a co-production with Clownfish Productions). We recently also sold it to Amazon Prime and Roku. Check it out there, and in the many international territories where it was also sold! You can watch the truly funny trailer on YouTube!
  • Loco Dawn is currently in development of the feature films, "In the Wake", "We, the Robots", "L.K.V.", and a number of other screenplays.